Galina Ershova

Galina Ershova is a draughtswoman and engraver, graduated from the Ilya Repin St. Petersburg Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (also known as the Imperial Academy of Arts) in 2017. Before entering the Academy, she studied at the Saint Petersburg Art School named after Nicholas Roerich. Her training was conducted by Boris V. Lesov, Merited Artist of the Russian Federation. Being a junior college student, she had an opportunity to organize her first solo exhibition in the halls of Saint Petersburg Polytechnic Institute.

In 2009, she won the Outstanding Youth Achievement Award established by the Government of Saint Petersburg. Galina graduated from the Roerich Art School in 2010 and immediately entered the Repin Academy of arts. She studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Engraving, at the Chair of Easel Graphics. During her sophomore year, she was strongly influenced by Klim Lee, who was a dean of the department at the time. After the chair-wise distribution that took place in the third academic year, Galina was admitted into Alexander Andreev's atelier. Her graduate work was a series of ink drawings depicting the interior of a couchette car with no wall between compartment and corridor (in Russia this type of couchette car is called "platzkart"). After graduation in 2017*, Galina started teaching via online-courses aimed first for beginners and novice draughtsmen.
*Galina had to take a leave of absence for family reasons, therefore she wasn't able to get her diploma one year previously
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